25 tea bags
Pure White Tea
A quality pure white tea from Fujian province of China, it’s made from only the unopened buds and young leaves of the tea plant. It’s light and delicate, slightly sweet flavour will give you a little taste of luxury whenever you need it most.

Serving :

Serve hot as is without milk.

Teste :

A light and delicate flowery taste, elegant and spring fresh.

Food Match :

Enjoy with light, mild-flavoured sweet or savoury treats.

Interesting Fact :

In the spring, the tea comes back to life after sleeping through the winter and puts all its energy into growing just as the harvest begins. This means that all the goodness is in the top leaves and the unopened buds which are used for white tea. White Tea also has the least amount of processing thus, all the goodness of the tea is locked in.